Industrial Industries


Engineering and Construction Industries


Camargo Associates, LLC provides solutions, guidance, expertise and knowledge by offering a broad spectrum of services to virtually all engineering industries in both independent and public sector environments. We exist to fill an unmet need from organizations to provide improved performance and return on investment (ROI). We are the place that “project delivery” people come to learn how to provide better and efficient project delivery services to their stakeholders.


Our construction management consultants have over 40 years of global experience in technical engineering, interactive planning, architecture, procurement, project management, performance improvement and benchmarking initiatives for complex and large scale construction projects. Through situational assessment and analysis we will increase efficiency, reduce costs and risk, and enhance the capabilities of a new projects or renovations to facilities. We provide very hands-on state-of-the-art processes and tools to uncover and identify specific strategic and tactical plans to make capital investment dollars go farther.


Camargo Associates, LLC's experienced experts identify problems and opportunities and recommend value-added solutions to complex industrial projects. We develop, implement, and improve integrated systems that include equipment, labor, facilities, materials, information and logistics within the framework of existing constraints with stated objectives, timeframes, and deliverables. Our workflow process involves: identifying needs, defining problems, setting objectives, in-depth review of current operations, data collection and analysis, evaluation of alternatives and development of optimal solutions that benefit stakeholders. We believe in offering neutral and un-biased recommendations.


Our executive consultants offer a broad spectrum of services to a wide array of infrastructure projects including but not limited to: environmental, urban, transportation, power, water supply, energy, plants, waste management, and telecommunication in both, private companies and government agencies. All organizations want to improve. Many even know what those general improvements might be defined as, but they are not sure how to fully implement them within their groups. Camargo Associates, LLC was founded because of the unmet need from those organizations to provide improved performance and capital effectiveness.


Growth and change are two realities that businesses cannot afford to ignore. That includes aerospace, defense, and government services sectors and projects related to aircraft, aero-engines, avionics, missiles, aero-structures and more. Our consultants will guide you through sustainable strategies that help you innovate and grow while reducing costs and leveraging talent. We will improve operating and capital effectiveness, lower costs, reduce and manage risks, remediate crises and help your business make more effective decisions - leading to quantifiable and concrete actionable improvements.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Decades of experience and a clear understanding of how to improve operations reduce costs and increase profitability is what sets Camargo Associates, LLC apart. That includes energy industry markets like on and offshore oil and gas, coal, refineries, power plants, ancillary systems, environmental infrastructures, renewable energy and solar energy, to name a few. We work closely with project teams to ensure that expectations are met, meeting quality, budget, and schedule targets. Our ability to assess and understand risks, costs and benchmarks are what will improve of your bottom line.


Many organizations routinely misuse up to 15 cents out of every one dollar in the project delivery arena, sometimes considerable more. Many technical engineering projects today have capital spending plans nominally exceeding $1 billion annually. There is quite a bit at stake! As an aggregate, trillions of dollars are wasted and thrown away. We provide a broad range of services in manufacturing, architecture, procurement, fabrication, construction, aerospace, infrastructure, automotive, consumer electronics, computing and other industrial industries.


From laboratories to research facilities to production and manufacturing facilities, Camargo Associates' consultants offer expertise, conventional wisdom and a global approach to capital project delivery that are critical to major operations related to pharmaceuticals, biomedical and biotechnology. We solve complex operational, technical, delivery and performance problems that have dynamic financial impact to organizations in the industry.