Industrial Industries

Capital Project Delivery Improvement

Camargo Associates, LLC was founded, primarily to take recommendations of benchmarking consultants and to penetrate into specific detail actions that are necessary in order to improve the manner in which capital dollars are invested. We provide very hands-on state-of-the-art processes and tools to uncover and identify specific strategic and tactical plans to make capital investment dollars go farther.

Formal benchmarking reviews have been undertaken by many of these same companies to provide valuable indicators of how they perform with respect to other "peer" competing companies in their business area. These efforts are extremely important as they provide comparisons along with generalized recommendations for improvement. Descriptors like, capital effectiveness, capital efficiency and predictability are all synonymous to define the performance characteristics in which they deliver projects.

Today many organizations routinely misuse up to 15 cents out of every one dollar in the project delivery arena, sometimes considerable more. Many companies today have capital spending plans nominally exceeding $1 billion annually. There is quite a bit at stake! As an aggregate, trillions are wasted and thrown away.

Through benchmarking analysis, provided by others, it is easy to determine that many dollars can and should be saved, significantly improving shareholder value and/or diving fiduciary responsibility to the public as a whole.